Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Line

We have because a generation so consumed with "Crossing the Line"! We claim to be Christians, without bearing fruit! Where has our focus gone? We have taken our focus soo much of of Christ that we fall short in our own strength! We say we love Christ, but we try and see how close we can come to "Not crossing a line"? REALLY?! Why are we looking for a line? When did Jesus ever tell us "Don't cross any lines". He didn't!! He tells us over and over to run to Him! To seek His face! And when we seek His will all things fall into place for His glory and for our good! We have become soo consumed with what makes us happy just as long as we go to far. Is that being holy as God is Holy? That is a COMMAND from Christ! We have made ourselves dull to Truth and to what Christ wants us to do! When was the last time we asked if God would want us to do something. when have we even spent 20 minutes in prayer interceding for our friends whom are struggling? When was the last time our focus was on bringing Glory to the name of our Almighty God! Yet, we go about each day living no different then the world does. And We call ourselves "Radical" because we haven't crossed a line to far, or we go to all the church meetings. Is there a difference in your life then your unsaved neighbors? Do we act differently? Are we consumed with how we can bring Glory to God with our next action. I challenge you to seek His face with me! To run away from the line and into the arms of Christ! When you stand before God to give an account of your life, I pray that you can say, "I have served you with all You have given me, and have followed Your command to be holy and make disciples!"

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


How often do we pray? God invites and commands us to pray numerous times in scripture! Yet we glance over that fact so many times. People ask what happen to this nation, we have forgotten how to pray. We complain over and over again about the things that our going on all around us and rarely do we ever stop and take one moment to pray to the Lord and Creator of this entire universe! What would happen if we took a moment to pray for one person a day? with an estimated of over 7 billion people in the world that would be a lot of prayers! God wants to be involved in our lives! But yet we only call on Him when times get rough. Jesus before He died was in the Garden and prayed so intensely that He was literally sweating blood! I wonder what we would be like if we prayer just as much as we complained.

Monday, January 14, 2013

His will or ours?

God can do anything through you and in your if you are only willing. God doesnt ask for a degree, a family, money, or anything else. But He loves a willing heart! What would happen here in America if we had people who were willing and ready to be used by God. If we put down our idols and our own will and asked simply to be used by Him. Do we use Jesus as a walking stick to simply make the path a little easier? Or do we devote ourselves to Christ to see His will done and see our flesh put to death daily?